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Automated Phone Systems

Are you looking into the best automated phone systems for your business? On this website, we discuss the benefits of auto attendant phone systems and automated phone calling systems and how to find a good system for your needs.

Just as recent as 15 years ago, automated phone systems tend to be found primarily in large businesses, owing largely to their expense and the expertise needed to program and install them. Today, with the proliferation of hosted phone systems and internet phone systems, automated phone system features are commonly found in small office phone systems. On this page, we will discuss the benefits of two main categories of automated phone systems: auto attendant phone systems and automated phone calling systems.



Automated Phone System - Auto Attendant Phone System

An automated phone system like an auto attendant phone system has proven to be a major productivity booster to many companies, big or small. Decades ago, companies had to employ switchboard operators and receptionists to physically route calls. This has been largely replaced to a large extent by today's automated phone answering systems that will pick up a call and then present the caller with an automated phone menu of options. There is no need for offices to hire people to answer the phone or for callers wait for a receptionist to transfer their call through.

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Large Or Small Office Phone System / IVR Phone System

Today's automated phone systems can also incorporate voice response (IVR phone system). With an IVR auto attendant phone system, a phone caller can make their menu selection using either a voice response or a keypad option. Callers can respond to the voice prompts and be routed to the right extension, or else request for a staff directory listing to find the extension number of the person that they want to reach. Cost-wise, these automated telephone answering systems are available to all sizes of offices, large or small.

Word Of Caution

As much as it has brought new efficiencies to the marketplace, an automated telephone answering system has also brought up it's share of problems. Some of the automated phone system menus these days go pretty deep, and it takes a several option layers to get routed to the right place. Callers complain about getting lost in a menu of options of the automated phone service. Some also do not like being put on hold for too long without getting any human contact. In fact, there are emails floating around the internet detailing some of the automated phone answering system menus of companies so that people can bypass and get to the extension they need to get to.

Marketers New Best Friend

With latest technology, automated phone answering systems today do a lot more than just being able to have an auto attendant feature. They are a marketer's newest best friend. The more sophisticated offerings include detailed analytical reports on how prospects respond to advertisements, how long the call durations were, the number of calls within certain times (eg. right after an advertising campaign has started), as well as other relevant statistics. The effectiveness of advertising campaigns can be tracked through automated phone systems in new creative ways that was not possible before, especially as part of a small office phone system.

Automated Phone System - Automated Phone Calling System

Another aspect of phone system automation is using an outbound automated phone calling system. The picture of a predictive dialer that vigorously makes call after call and telemarketers standing ready may come to mind, but an automated phone calling system actually has many other uses. These could be used for various purposes, such as:

  • Automated phone calls notifying customers that their order is ready for pickup, or any other type of timely notification
  • Welcome message for new customers and leaving a support number if they need help
  • Making a mass announcement to members of a group

Check out this benefits of automated phone answering systems for more insights.

Like the inbound automated phone systems of today, outbound automated phone calling systems are also very affordable with various hosted and voice broadcasting solutions. It is available and financially feasible for large and small businesses.


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